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WordPress Toolkit

Advanhost's powerful toolkit includes a variety of security suites, a comprehensive test platform, and a simple, easy-to-use interface. Customers simply use our toolkit to design web pages, achieve your ideas, and make your business for your customers.

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Staging Site

The latest Staging feature is available in the Advanhost management backend toolkit. We understand that the process of building a site is changing, and there are many factors that you need to change your web page design. Customers use this Staging feature to set up a test environment without worrying about re-establishing the site and preventing errors on the original site. Thus, this avoids any possible problems or downtime. From then on, you can easily build your own website, greatly reducing your construction time and allowing you to focus on your business.

Clone and Sync

Through the cloning function (Clone) in the toolkit, the Staging environment can be established for the original website. Customer can edit, add or delete content, and even test the website. When you think your site is ready, just use the Sync feature in the toolkit. The edited settings will sync to the original site and your site is done.

Odoo • 文字及圖片
Odoo • 圖片及文字

One-click install WordPress

Without any experience for installing website, don't worry. Advanhost’s toolkit can be easily to use without experience. Customers can click “Install” to install the entire WordPress website in a short time. Customers only need to add content and no longer to worry about for building the website and code behind it.

We make your WordPress safer

Website security is critical to customers, our toolkit has a secure system which is designed to handle the ever-changing security vulnerabilities. When establishes the website, the code may be outdated or even directly attacked by the outsider. The toolkit will periodically scan the website and also configure instant protection. Customers no need to worry about the damage to the website by hacking or other security breaches. The toolkit will fix your website and inform users to update or handle the vulnerable areas.

Odoo • 文字及圖片
Odoo • 圖片及文字

Comprehensive backup makes you no worry

Customers no need to worry about losing their website files. We have a complete backup system. Apart from the traditional backup, customers can also use the incremental backup to save data. The above methods can back up the website effectively and let you focus on business development.

Enormous plugins to support

We know plugins can effectively improve your website and share your workload. You search from the toolkit, suitable plug-in will come to you and can be used after installation.

Odoo • 文字及圖片
Odoo • 圖片及文字

Over 3,000 templates for selection

We believe customers will always worry about which template suits to use and in line with the business style. We are the user too and know the problems faced by customers. So we have prepared thousands of templates for customers to choose. Covering different types of business, customers no need to spend too much time to create their own style of website in the template, so that you can focus to your business.

Easily install SSL certificates

Website construction is important, but more important is SSL certification. In addition to being a security verification, SSL can also effectively improve your business. As search engines currently check whether the website has an SSL certificate installed, in order to determine the search ranking of the website.

Through the one-stop interface of Toolkit, customers no need to purchase SSL certificates from third party. With simple steps, customers can install SSL certificates by yourself.

Odoo • 文字及圖片
Odoo • 圖片及文字

SEO Toolkit

SEO Toolkit can effectively improve the SEO level. Many IT companies currently offer SEO optimization projects, but the process lacks of transparency and customers hard to realize the SEO algorithm. Our SEO Toolkit is a good helper for customers. When customers complete the website, the SEO Toolkit will scan the entire website, verify each URL, and rate the optimized level. All the violations will be displayed. Customer can achieve a 100% optimization level by clicking on the problematic URL for fixing.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Toolkit comes with Google PageSpeed Insights, which allows customers to know the website's experience from viewers. Through this Insights, you can view the current web page performance and get advice on how to improve page performance, accessibility and SEO.

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